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Does social media marketing work for real estate industry?

99% of millennials begin looking for real estate properties online, according to a report by the National Association of Realtors. And that’s where your real estate business needs to be. Get your business in front of your customers with social media marketing.

Expand your Real Estate Business through social media advertising

About 4.48 billion people use social media platforms globally. Imagine missing out on potential leads due to social media absence! Expand your reach and increase visibility through social media ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Respond to ad inquiries and solve your customers’ queries. Let us help you tap into a vast network of potential clients by targeting specific demographics, showcasing your properties, and converting them into customers!

Hit the bullseye with customized social media ad campaigns

Social media platforms offer robust advertising tools that help us tailor ads to specific target segments. We start by defining your ideal customer profile, factoring in age, income level, location, and even interests related to real estate. 

We make sure your ads are shown to individuals who are most likely to be interested in real estate, whether they are first-time homebuyers, investors, or individuals looking to sell their properties. Let’s market where the potential customers are!

Use social media advertising for quality real estate lead generation

You can create lead generation forms that can easily be integrated into your ads using social media. These forms include fields for name, email address, phone number, etc. With valuable contact details, we can establish meaningful connections. 

The captured leads can be used for various purposes, such as follow-up email marketing campaigns, personalized outreach, or nurturing them through the sales funnel. Use social media ads to build a robust database and reach the right customers!

Multiply website visitors & improve search engine rankings

Think of social media as a strong support system that helps you engage your audience and drives traffic to your real estate website. Imagine the power of guiding interested prospects straight to your website with a simple click. 

Let us leverage social media ads to highlight properties with high-quality images and videos, and add testimonials and reviews. Engage with viewers and with strategically placed links in your ads, guide them to your website, improve search engine rankings & drive conversions.

Drive higher ROI and cost-effective results with real estate social media marketing

Print ads, billboards, or TV commercials are expensive, target a limited audience, and are difficult to analyze for user action. With real estate social media ads, you can control your ad spending while targeting a specific audience. You can track key performance metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagement rates. 

Let’s achieve a higher ROI and maximize your advertising budget by leveraging affordability, precise targeting capabilities, and measurable results of social media ads.

Drive higher ROI and cost-effective results with real estate social media marketing

A social media audience allows you to connect, engage, and build relationships in real time. Our team thoroughly studies your audience and builds a marketing strategy. We help you tailor your ad copy and messaging to speak directly to your target audience’s needs, aspirations, and pain points. 

Respond to their queries related to your property ads and quicken the timeline of converting interested people into potential leads with social media ads.


Our real estate social media marketing services include

In today’s hyper-digital age, our social media management company brings you the power of targeted advertising for your real estate company. Our services help you connect with the right audience, boost engagement, and generate quality leads.

Facebook Ads

2.85 billion people use Facebook globally! Let our social media marketing team help you take advantage and reach out to potential clients interested in real estate, home buying, or specific locations using its powerful targeting capabilities. Leverage Facebook's various ad formats like photo, video, and carousel ads to showcase properties, highlight features and drive engagement. Also, its retargeting option helps you reach users who have previously interacted with your real estate website or Facebook page.

Instagram Ads

Instagram's highly visual nature makes it an ideal platform for showcasing high-quality photos or videos of properties. With our real estate social media marketing services, leverage Instagram's photo and video ads and carousel ads to present multiple images of a property in a single ad. Instagram Stories and Explore also help engage users and showcase real estate content. Utilizing hashtags and location tags can help expand the reach of your real estate ads and target specific audiences.

LinkedIn Ads

If you wish to target real estate investors, brokers, or professionals, LinkedIn is an ideal platform to reach them. You can target users based on job titles, industry, or company size. Our team will help you promote your real estate services, networking events, or industry-specific content via sponsored, sponsored InMail, and text ads. With LinkedIn's remarketing options, we can reach users who have previously engaged with your real estate-related content on the platform.

Twitter Ads

Reach potential clients based on their interests, demographics, and keywords with Twitter's targeting options. You can target users who have shown interest in real estate investment. Let our social media marketing team help you showcase property listings, share relevant content, and drive traffic to your real estate website with promoted tweets. Grow your follower base and expand your reach among relevant Twitter users. Let’s use promoted trends to generate visibility and engagement around specific real estate campaigns or events.


Real estate social media marketing packages

Our pricing structure for real estate social media paid marketing packages is designed to be flexible.
While the final cost will depend on your specific requirements and objectives, some factors will affect the final price.

Your marketing budget
The length of time you run your ad campaign
The scope and quality of your ad creatives
The specificity of your target audience
Platform Selection

We offer packages in the range of XXXX to XXXXX per month. During the initial consultation, our team will gather and understand your requirements and design a package according to your budget.

Why choose UpInFifty for real estate social media services

As a real estate company, you need to utilize as many resources as possible to make an impact in the overcrowded, competitive market. We offer result-driven social media marketing services to help you strengthen your business.

Have helped XX businesses generate genuine leads
Access to a team of real estate marketing experts
Tailored marketing strategies for your business
Use of advanced analytics and sophisticated targeting techniques
Continuous optimization of your ad campaigns
Transparent reporting of your ad campaign performance

Steps of setting up your real estate social media paid advertising with UpInFifty

Initial Consultation

The first step is all about understanding your goals and objectives. We'll schedule an initial consultation to discuss your target audience, budget, and requirements. It helps us tailor your social media ad campaign to maximize its effectiveness.

Planning & Strategy

Next, we plan and strategize for your real estate social media campaign. We determine which platforms will work best for your target audience, identify the most effective ad formats, and allocate the budget that aligns with your goals.

Ad Campaign Setup & Management

Once the ads are ready, we will set up your campaign on the chosen social media platforms. Our team configures the targeting parameters to display your ads to the right audience based on location, demographics, interests, and other factors.

Monitoring & Optimization

As your campaign goes live, we monitor its performance to track key metrics. We gather insights and make data-driven optimizations. It includes adjusting targeting, deciding which ads to pull back and which to boost, reallocating the budget, etc.

Reporting & Analysis

We provide regular updates on key metrics, including impressions, clicks, and conversions. Our team will also analyze the data to identify areas of improvement and provide actionable recommendations for future campaigns.


The duration it takes to see tangible results can vary depending on several factors:

  • Campaign goal
  • The marketing budget
  • Your target audience
  • The competitiveness of your market
  • Consistency

Our team works closely with you to start delivering results within 3-6 months. 

We take the privacy and security of your data very seriously. We have implemented strict measures to protect your data and ensure compliance with data protection laws. We use industry-standard security protocols and advanced encryption techniques. Also, we do not share personal information with third parties without your consent. 

It varies depending on various factors

  • The platform you choose
  • Your target audience
  • Duration of the campaign
  • Your goals

We understand that each business’s requirements and budget are different. Our team will work closely with you to assess your goals and provide a transparent pricing structure that suits your budget.

To determine the best platform for your real estate needs, consider factors like your target audience, the type of content you want to promote, and your marketing goals. 


Our team of experts will analyze your goals and help you identify the platform that aligns with your target audience and marketing goals. 


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