Kartik Singh


Kartik Singh


Kartik brings nearly 3 years of expertise to the table, excelling across the entire data analysis lifecycle. He possesses a mastery of operational database management, ensuring our data remains clean, organized, and readily accessible. Kartik’s analytical and visualization skills allow him to delve deep into complex datasets, extract valuable insights, and present them in clear and compelling ways using tools like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, and Advanced Excel.

Data modeling is another area where Kartik shines. He understands the importance of well-structured data and can design effective models that support efficient analysis. Furthermore, Kartik leverages his skills in SQL and Python to generate data-driven insights that empower informed business decisions.

Kartik’s experience extends to business automation. His proficiency with tools like IBM Watsonx.data and IBM CP4BA allows him to automate processes and workflows, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Technically, Kartik is well-equipped, boasting expertise in databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and DBeaver. He is also skilled in extracting, transforming, and loading data from various sources through ETL and data integration, ensuring seamless data integration. Kartik’s understanding of data warehouses allows him to leverage them effectively for efficient data analysis.

Kartik’s passion for data and his diverse skillset make him a valuable asset to our team. We’re confident that he will play a key role in driving data-driven decision making and unlocking valuable insights from our data.