Nisha Singh


Nisha Singh

HR Executive

Nisha is a passionate HR professional with over 3 years of experience in the field. Currently an HR Executive at Garage Collective Ind, Nisha brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to various HR functions.

Nisha excels in onboarding, ensuring a smooth and positive experience for new hires and helping them integrate seamlessly into the team. From confirmations and appraisals to ongoing development, Nisha is dedicated to fostering a culture of growth and achievement for our employees. Nisha champions initiatives that keep our team motivated and satisfied, fostering a positive work environment. A skilled communicator, Nisha can navigate conflict resolution and ensure fair treatment for all employees. Nisha also provides comprehensive support for the entire HR function, ensuring its smooth and efficient operation.

Nisha’s passion for HR and dedication to employee well-being make them a valuable asset to any team. We are confident that Nisha will be a key player in fostering a positive and productive work environment for our company.