Yash Arora


Yash Arora

Centre Manager

Throughout his 2.5+ years in edtech, Yash has demonstrably driven success. He has achieved a remarkable 35% increase in candidate conversion rate, secured significant contracts with educational institutions, and spearheaded a 25% improvement in customer retention.

Yash’s passion for learning fuels his dedication to the edtech industry. He is committed to continuous improvement and innovation, fostering a growth mindset within himself and his team.

Yash excels at customer relationship management, building strong and lasting partnerships with educational institutions and learners.

Yash values teamwork and believes in the power of collaboration to achieve greater things. His focus on continuous improvement ensures Dataisgood’s solutions deliver positive and lasting impacts for educators and learners.

In essence, Yash is a dynamic edtech leader with a passion for innovation and a commitment to making a difference in the world of education.